All Food Is Evil

Ever noticed how all food is evil? I mean, pick any certain food that you can think of. I am sure somebody can tell you that it is evil. Let me show you. Some say yogurt is really healthy for your stomach. Others say all dairy products should be avoided. Some say that beans are […]

My mom hands

Some people have nicely manicured hands. Mine are a mess, and I blame parenthood.Seriously, my hands are so gross. Right now I’m sporting a très stylish piece of Kleenex held in place with Scotch brand Magic Tape on my pinkie because, although we must buy about one box of novelty BandAids per week, I can’t […]

Acne Conglobata Causes and Treatments

You may not heard of the type of acne that called acne conglobata which is a severe and highly inflammatory skin condition. In general, most of people with the age from 18 to 30 years old will experience this acne normally. However, it will also be found in the people who are 40 years old […]

Best Home Pregnancy Test

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It is a happy time for a mother to be. But how does one know that she is pregnant for sure? Best home pregnancy test means that you do not require a doctor to say that you are pregnant. Moreover people who want to hide pregnancy from others also […]

False Claims

My response to billing errors is far less forgiving when I find items for imaginary services. Take the charge from my hospital for oxygen that I didn’t use—84 hours’ worth of oxygen, adding over $4,000 to my initial bill. Now, I don’t know whether I was actually on oxygen during surgery (five hours, suspended face […]

Home Remedies Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy belongs to a group of plants which are famous for causing skin irritation and allergies. The sap of this plant is what causes the allergic reaction in people. When a person comes in contact with the sap some of the symptoms that can be seen or felt are severe itchiness, burning feeling, redness, […]

Nyquil Abuse Side Effects

Abuse of over the counter medications has increased in recent times in many countries, partially because patients find that they can experience euphoric sensations after taking them for a continuous period. One such OTC drug is Nyquil. Nyquil flu and cold medication is manufactured by Vicks. This medicine contains potent ingredients and in America its […]

why is my poop BLACK

A black, tar like stool could be caused by something as harmless as the bismuth in pepto bismal. That’s the good news, but if you haven’t had anything similar to that product and your are experiencing green poop or black poop, you should see a doctor . Why is my poop black? (And other important […]

THC Fat Soluble

THC is fat soluble and whenever you smoke marijuana THC metabolites get stored in your fat cells. A metabolite is a product of your body’s metabolism. And how long marijuana stay in your system? Some of these metabolites pass through your system very quickly, as fast as 24 hours. The ones stored in your fat […]

How to Store Puffball Mushrooms

The Giant Puffball mushroom or Calvatia gigantean, range in size from about 4” to 27” in diameter. They’re found growing on the ground in meadows, grassland or pasture areas within the central and eastern US and Canada, as well as, parts of Europe, where they feed on dead, organic matter. They are usually found in […]