ADHD main cause and factor

I think it’s true that some children need medication. The study mentioned in the article says only 2/3 of children were helped by the elimination diet. I think it’s awesome that you were willing to try looking at other things before using medication. My five year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. I have been hesitant to put him on medication, even though there is a family history of ADHD. This week we discovered he is allergic to wheat through a blood test. I am hoping that changing his diet will effect his behaviour positively, but I am not relying on it. I think it’s important to look at things from all different angles and figure out what works.

I agree that the diagnosis of ADD, in my daughter’s case, is very subjective and I have struggled with this. I find this article thought provoking and think that exploring diet could benefit her. I am considering doing this next school break with a Naturopath to help us. My guess is that diet does not cause her ADD; however, she does not do well with processed foods. I think that when she has low blood sugar, look out. No fun. I will be balancing this thought against the thought that parents who deny a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, may cause their child harm. After all it isn’t about me–it is about her. Also worth considering is interventions to support drug therapy e.g., behavioural therapy, cardovascular exercise (Spark). Do any of you have some thoughts about this for us to consider?

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