All Food Is Evil

Ever noticed how all food is evil? I mean, pick any certain food that you can think of. I am sure somebody can tell you that it is evil. Let me show you.

Some say yogurt is really healthy for your stomach.
Others say all dairy products should be avoided.

Some say that beans are healthy because they have proteins and lots of fiber.
Others say that since you can’t eat beans in the raw state it is a sign that they should not be eaten at all.

Some say chicken is really good, lots of protein and low in fat.
Others tell you about all the stuff they put into chicken and how they wash it with chlorin before selling it.

Some say grains are important for Vitamin B and fiber. Others say only a low-carb diet is good.

Some say you should eat couple servings of fruit in a day.
Others say that fruit has too much sugar and you should only eat one piece max.

Do you know what I mean. If you think too much about weight loss and diet and food and health and nutrition and what not, you go crazy. Everything is bad.You should probably live on air alone, but then air is not all that clean either. What are we supposed to do???

Okay, not be active. Leave a comment and tell us all the foods you won’t eat because you think they are bad in one way or another.

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