An Introduction to Japanese Koi Fish

If there is such a gentle creature that can feed on your hand, it would be the Japanese Koi Fish or nishikigoi. Millions of pet owners take care of Japanese Koi Fish either in aquariums or in beautiful ponds. It has become a fast-growing hobby that Japanese koi fish suppliers are making lots of money since they have a very competitive market. These special breed of fish have mesmerizing colors that can really catch your attention and make you very consider buying Japanese Koi Fish.
Historically, Japanese Koi Fish are actually common carp that have been reared to produce different colors. Common carp or “koi” were actually bred as fish food in East Asia. As time passed, the beautiful color patterns created from breeding different carps attracted the interest of many Japanese especially during an exhibit held in Tokyo in 1914. When hobbyists from different countries saw the numerous variations of Japanese Koi Fish, the hobby became popular worldwide. Yet, taking care of Japanese Koi Fish requires some information,skill as well as budget to successfully maintain these beautiful pets.
Japanese Koi Fish would thrive in a good environment such as garden ponds. A certain depth, not less than 1 meter is necessary for a koi pond. These fishes are classified as bottom feeders so they usually stay at the bottom. Besides, having a deeper pond provides them freedom to swim in milder water temperature especially during cold season. This fish can survive winter months since they also hibernate like bears. They only eat little amount of food when it’s cold. Also, it is ideal to keep them in ponds since they can really grow long, by as much as 1-2 feet in length. They also live long which can even outlast a person’s lifetime. Besides, the most ideal way to appreciate their colors is to see their topside. The sight is really beautiful as they gracefully swim in water. It is even more pleasurable as you feed them in your own hands. If you’re interested in Japanese koi Fish, just make sure you get your stock from good suppliers. It is relatively costly  when you buy Japanese koi fish of good stock. The more beautiful their colors are, the more expensive they become.

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