Antibiotics for Bronchitis: Good or Bad?

In 2006, abcnews reported that almost all doctors prescribe antibiotics for cough and bronchitis. In fact, researchers claim that prescribing antibiotics for bronchitis symptoms such as coughs and colds are actually useless.

First of all, the usual cause of such symptoms can simply be viral so antibiotics would not be of any help. Instead, recommended remedies are rest, intake of fluids, using humidifier or vaporizers as well as taking over the counter medicine to lessen pain.

Secondly, antibiotics for bronchitis have certain side effects that can harm the body. Among the contraindications are upset stomach,diarrhea,and allergic reactions. At the same time, when you take antibiotics frequently this can result to antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. Usually, the body can overcome cough and colds naturally especially when caused by virus. Antibiotics for bronchitis works well only when fever has begun indicating infection. When this occurs, the body must be aided in fighting off the infection. Briefly, antibiotics for bronchitis is only applicable when it assists in inhibiting bacteria. Antibiotics for bronchitis can help in preventing the development of pneumonia.

Several antibiotics are suggested by physicians,among them: amoxicillin, azithromycin, clarithromycin, doxycycline, erythromycin and combination of trimethoprin and sulfamethoxazole. These medicines are can be in capsule or liquid form and different dosage. Only a health professional can issue a real prescription when buying such medicines. At the same time, doctors can properly advise on the correct intake of medicine. It must be kept in mind that when it comes to antibiotics, more is not necessarily better. These are man made products that can trigger different side effects depending on the individuals tolerance. Certain food like dairy products as well beverages like alcohol do not combine well with certain antibiotics. On the contrary, some antibiotics must not be taken with an empty stomach. Thus,only a physician can advise you properly regarding the use of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are misinformed thinking that antibiotics for bronchitis is the best solution. Aside from antibiotics for bronchitis, there are several natural and effective treatment for antibiotics which can be more affordable and effective. Natural is still better than synthetic products.

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