Asian Diet Metabolism Boosters

You will find several products on the market that claim to boost metabolism but we must be cautious that we do not imbalance our nutrients or we will get ourselves into trouble. By far the safest way to increase our “fat burning” metabolism is to eat the natural foods which our bodies need to function as designed.

There are two ways to look at metabolism boosters in our diet like Asian diet. We think of metabolism boosters as special foods or compounds that we can eat that will actively elevate our metabolism. But did you know that there are several things in our diets which actively decrease our metabolism? It is true, we can concentrate on eating metabolism boosting foods and at the same time unknowingly continue to eat foods which actively decrease our metabolism.  We get fooled into thinking that we can take magical pills which boost metabolism and get short term effects while we are still consuming foods and compounds that cancel these effects.

Let’s think about what metabolism is. Metabolism is the essence of life. It is the root function of every cell in our bodies. It is the process of feeding our cells to allow them to do their individual jobs and cleaning them afterward of the waste products. Cell metabolism depends on glucose and oxygen which is absorbed from the blood. These vital components must pass through the cell walls  so the cells can create energy to do their work and the waste product must be able to be passed back out of the cell walls to be carried away by the blood and the lymphatic system. So when we are talking about metabolism boosters, most of the time we are really talking about getting rid of the compounds which slow down metabolism because metabolism is the natural process of our cells and will carry on as designed unless something is preventing their natural process.

The walls of our cells are made from the fats we eat. This is why I am always concerned when people are told they must reduce their fat intake! The reason people get the wrong idea about fat is because of the fact that many of our processed foods today contain damaged fats. Referred to as “trans fats,” these fats are used to build the cell walls, the very membranes that must transport the nutrients in our blood into the cells for metabolism and life. The problem with these damaged fats is that they pack together too closely and actually choke the cell by inhibiting the transfer of nutrients and waste. Obviously this will eventually make the cell “sick” and it will cease to function correctly and ultimately die. Another cell replaces it but if we continue to consume damaged fats – the same fate is in store for the new cell.

So what are these metabolism killing fats that we should avoid like the plague? One source is the oils that we get from vegetables, nuts, and meat. In their pure natural forms, these fats will not pack too tightly in the cell walls and they are good for you. But if you heat them and apply large amounts of pressure,  strip them with solvents, and then bubble hydrogen through them, they not only loose the nutrients they normally have but they turn into these damaged fats which are killing your metabolism by packing too tightly in the cell walls. This is why you must avoid refined or hydrogenated oils.

I will post again about other things that will kill your metabolism later. If you would like to find out more about the best ways to feed your body and allow your natural, God given processes to build and maintain your body at its natural healthiness and weight, pick up a copy of Asian Diet Revolution and stop buying all of these magic pills. We humans have survived for thousands of years on this planet without processed foods and magic pills and we need to know why.

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