Best Home Pregnancy Test

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It is a happy time for a mother to be. But how does one know that she is pregnant for sure? Best home pregnancy test means that you do not require a doctor to say that you are pregnant. Moreover people who want to hide pregnancy from others also avoid going to doctors for any kinds of confirmatory test.

Young generation has little regard for following age old society rules of becoming pregnant only after getting married. And people are also there who go for extra marital affairs. When things are to be hidden from public view, it calls for secrecy in knowing that you are pregnant.

Nature has its own way of confirming your pregnancy. Early morning problems of nausea and vomiting, feelings of depression, irritability, angry and happy state of mind without reason, headaches, disturbance in regular menstrual cycle, feeling of lethargy and tiredness accompany the conceiving confirmation. Spotting can also occur during these times. All these symptoms occur after one to two weeks of conceiving.

Ovulation Kit and kits of pregnancy test in early stages are available at the medical stores. They come with a promise of accuracy. These tests with hCG strips detect pregnancy on urine samples. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin also goes for blood and serum samples. Urine dipped strips show the positivity or negativity of pregnancy within few minutes. To be sure of pregnancy, best time to conduct these tests is after a week of conceiving. Time duration plays a great role regarding these tests. Sometimes this home pregnancy test might not give you any sure answer, in such cases it is best to wait for few days and then to repeat the test again.

Kits contain lot of valuable information on their outer covering, and these instructions should be read and adhered to for best result. First morning urine is best for results, but urine which has been in the bladder for few hours can also be used. Some people use drugs in regard to pregnancy, this is another reason as to why your test might fail at first.

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