Blogging Block Broken?

Don’t know if I’d actually call it a ‘block’ that has been responsible for my lack of posting both here and on The Social Software Weblog (where Barb Dybwad has been doing an amazing job of filling in!) But, last night I wrote my first two posts in well over a month and they are up on Slashfood – Grilled Cheese and Asparagus, and Grilled Cheese and Roasted Veggies. I actually had the opportunity to take the whole weekend ‘off’ and had a great time making grilled cheese creations with my sister Lucy, her husband Dave, and my friend Salem.

I’ve been busier than ever these past few months with 120 WIN bloggers. But, it’s an excellent and tremendously fun busy. And, it’s not just the massive quantity of bloggers, along with the avalanche of posts that they produce, that has been keeping me busy either. (Although there certainly is a ton to be done when working with a team of about 120 independently contracted writers!)

Since there is nothing rigid about the deals we make with our bloggers here at WIN – end of month activities are insanely detailed and last for about a week! But fun is key, as our WIN bloggers are team players one and all. Our model of having anywhere from 3 to 20 bloggers posting on any given blog wouldn’t really work without the full cooperation of our ‘team’ spirited writers.

I love our bloggers! At least four of our current contributors — Todd Carter, Brad Hill, Jan Kabili, and C.K. Sample — are closing book deals, finishing up on their first, seventh, or twentieth new book, while working on their PhDs, writing for high profile industry and trade publications – magazines, newspapers, etc. These four bloggers, and over 100 more, give us a most impressive assembly of gifted communicators — now spanning the entire planet, from a geographical perspective, with bloggers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, Japan, South America, etc. And this is just a small sampling of our group of fine, talented writers blogging away here on WIN.

My intention is to endeavor to start blogging more regularly here on The Judith Meskill Weblog. I will continue to tell you about the openings we have for new bloggers. Actually, we have quite a few spots right now. If you respond, or have responded in the past, to any of our calls for bloggers, please know this:

We thank you so much for thinking of us! If you submitted sample posts, we are reviewing them right now (or reviewed them when you submitted them) and, if we think you are a good fit for one of our weblogs, we will be contacting you shortly. If your blogging style and topics do not match up with one of our current or soon-to-be-launched blogging opportunities, we will keep your sample posts on file but, you will only hear back from us if we believe that you are a match for one of our open blogging opportunities. If you did not submit the three requested sample posts with your contact information, then please do go ahead and submit them, as your request to be reviewed for a blogging contract with WIN will not be considered without them.

Please know that we receive thousands of requests to blog with us, and understand that it is often not feasible to respond to each and every request in either a personal or timely manner. Thank you again for thinking of us and happy blogging trails!

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