ADHD main cause and factor

I think it’s true that some children need medication. The study mentioned in the article says only 2/3 of children were helped by the elimination diet. I think it’s awesome that you were willing to try looking at other things before using medication. My five year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. I have been hesitant to put him on medication, even though there is a family history of ADHD. This week we discovered he is allergic to wheat through a blood test. I am hoping that changing his diet will effect his behaviour positively, but I am not relying on it. I think it’s important to look at things from all different angles and figure out what works.

I agree that the diagnosis of ADD, in my daughter’s case, is very subjective and I have struggled with this. I find this article thought provoking and think that exploring diet could benefit her. I am considering doing this next school break with a Naturopath to help us. My guess is that diet does not cause her ADD; however, she does not do well with processed foods. I think that when she has low blood sugar, look out. No fun. I will be balancing this thought against the thought that parents who deny a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, may cause their child harm. After all it isn’t about me–it is about her. Also worth considering is interventions to support drug therapy e.g., behavioural therapy, cardovascular exercise (Spark). Do any of you have some thoughts about this for us to consider?

Mrsa Staph Infection in Dogs

MRSA is an infection that can be fatal for animals and humans alike. There is a great deal of MRSA staph infections in nose and other skin in people. This infection is more deadly because it is resistant to various treatments.


MRSA is a deadly staph infection that can pose to be dangerous. It does become more resistant to the antibiotics that are used to kill. Few drugs may be useful and the sheer amount of drugs may be more harmful. Staph bacteria grow very rapidly by taking advantage of the wounds. It grows rapidly and even causes illness as well as eventually death.


MRSA in dogs is similar to the infection in humans. If the animal gets wounded, it will get debilitating illness that weakens whole system and the staph gains entry to the bloodstream.

Once it enters the body, two things can happen- firstly, the body will react to the staph entry and seal off at the point of entry, or staph can enter bloodstream. The latter one is more dangerous. Once it enters the body, it can settle anywhere within and move from one location to other.


Preventing MRSA infection and treating it may be easy or difficult, depending on the conditions. Appropriate hygiene is the major precautionary measure. Keeping any skin irritations or wounds clean with an antibiotic medicine is the first and foremost step. Examine your dog and make sure its skin is healthy and unbroken. Do not allow your dog become matted or filthy. You have to take additional care to keep your surgical site clean.


If your dog has been tested positive for MRSA infection, it is important to practice rigorous hygiene control and to quarantine, since MRSA can be easily transmitted from animal to human and vice versa.


MRSA for your dog is not an instantaneous death sentence. There are few drugs that can wipe out infection; drugs are usually quite expensive. It is necessary to monitor the animal closely during the treatment.

How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, as they are officially called, are these bizarre, gross, yellowish-white chunks that dislodge from the back of your throat. They make you feel as though you are constantly choking on something and they make your tonsils swell up and turn white. These stones come out of nowhere and they smell awful. It seems not everyone has these, or if they do, they never talk about it, but after some super sleuth researching, I have found some reasons and cures for this condition.

Those who suffer from the tonsil stone have not been able to deduce where such annoy stones come from. There is a general consensus, however, that sufferers simultaneously battle sinus issues. Taking sinus medicine, however, does not get rid of them- go figure. Also, most tonsil stone victims complain of extreme itching in the ears, bad breath and fatigue, but after going to the doctor, they learn they have no infection. The doctor usually tells people that tonsil stones are old food particles that get stuck in the tonsil crypts. The sufferers do not agree with this diagnosis.

A few people who used to suffer from tonsil stones swore that it was related to eating dairy products, so their advice was to quit eating dairy products and the stones will disappear. Other people have the theory that these stones are symptomatic of a sluggish lymphatic system, so in order to get the lymph fluid flowing, you should jump on a mini trampoline (also referred to as rebounding).

Since I was suffering from an extreme case of this condition, I followed both pieces of advice. I stopped eating dairy and jumped on a little trampoline for fifteen minutes everyday. To my surprise, the tonsil stones disappeared! However, I do not know for certain which of the methods removed tonsil stones. Since I continued to do both, they never came back, so I cannot conduct an experiment to ascertain which method worked. It is one of them, though, or the combination of both.

If you are frustrated with having such stones in your throat and have combed the internet in search of treatment for them, only to find endless websites offering a cure for the price of their book, look no further. Cut out dairy, jump on a little trampoline and say goodbye to those disgusting little chunks.

Prostate Massage Techniques Revealed

Are you curious about prostrate massage? Perhaps you have already tried this type of massage but it did not feel as good as you first expected.

In this article I am going to answer 3 questions:

1. How To Find The Prostate?

2. How Should A Prostate Massage Feel?

3. What Is The Best Technique To Use?

How To Find The Prostate So You Can Massage It.

The prostate is located in your pelvic area. It surrounds the urethra and is attached to the seminal vesicle. The best way to locate the prostate is via your anus through the rectum wall. To learn how to milk the prostate I highly recommend that you use a lot of lube and make sure that your hands are impeccably clean. You do not want to get an infection.

You should find a position that is comfortable for you. You can lie down, sit up, kneel on all fours, etc. When you find a position that works for you and is comfortable, you should start to massage the muscles at the entrance to your anus and loosen them up. These muscles are strong and if you do not relax them you may not be able to get a finger into your anus.

When the muscles are relaxed, apply a generous amount of lube to your finger and ass. Insert your finger slowly into the opening. Make sure that you go slowly, you do not want to damage yourself!
When your finger is in about 2 inches, or up to your second knuckle, you should be able to fell your prostate.

How Should A Prostate Massage Feel?

When you reach your prostate you should feel waves of pleasure pulsate through your body. You may also notice that you have a huge erection. It will be larger than normal. If you were to have intercourse now you would probably notice that you will last longer.
You will also notice pro-static fluid oozing from your penis, if you are doing it right.

What Is The Best Technique?

My favorite technique is the “Come Hither Technique” it is easy to do and I find that I am better able to control myself with this technique. Some of the other techniques get me so excited that I just want to grab my penis and jac off straight away. The whole point of this technique is that you can hold yourself off from ejaculating and experience a prostate orgasm.

What is a sore throat?

It is a discomfort, pain or stretchiness in the throat and often makes swallowing a very difficult process. These days sore or dry itchy throats are common. Mostly soreness tends to be worst during the morning but gradually improves as the day passes. Large numbers are caused due to the viral infections like cold or flu resulting in no response to the antibiotics. Some of home remedies can be effective in such a case. Specific types can be caused by some viruses e.g. blisters are caused by Coxsackievirus during late summers or early fall. It can also be caused by Mononucleosis virus. A common type of sore throat is ‘strep throat’ that leads to rheumatic fever, for which antibiotics are recommended. It also often includes fever. Children may suffer from headache and stomach pain.

This type of sore throat cannot be accurately diagnosed by looking inside the throat but instead proper laboratory tests are required. Breathing through mouth can cause sore throat if there is no infection and disappears after having some liquids.

It may also be caused by something stuck in the throat or due to the allergies. Sometimes tonsils or the surrounding parts of the throat are affected due to a sore throat. Even then the removal of tonsils from the throat is never recommended especially for the children. Mostly the sore throats get recovered quickly. Still the following list of home remedies may help:

o Drink warm drinks esp. honey and lemon tea which is an applied formula for the cure.

o Gargling with warm water and salt is helpful.

o Some sore throats can be treated by cold liquids or popsicles at times.

o Increasing of saliva production through sucking on hard candies is one of the remedies but is not recommended for young children because they might choke on it.

o To soothe a dry and parching throat use a cool-mist vaporizer to moisten.

Use of aspirin is not recommended for children. Instead over-the counter pain medications are more suitable.

All of the above mentioned remedies have proved to be very effective most of the times but if the problem still persists and following list of issues are being faced than consult the health care provider:

o Excessive drooling in a young child.

o Pus in the back of the throat.

o Red rashes.

o Severe difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

The health care provider is going to ask various questions in order to have a complete know how of the disease and it is compulsory for the patient to provide him with the accurate details to get a proper cure. Once when the process of medication is started it is important to complete the entire process even after the symptoms have disappeared. Antibiotics are usually not a wise recommendation for sore throats esp. for children. Children can go to the school after 24 hours of the process of medication has started. It is strictly advised by the doctors to keep your hands clean before eating something because it is a contagious disease. A cool mist vaporizer can prevent some sore throats caused by breathing dry air with an open mouth.

Causes of pain on left side of abdomen in Women

The upper left abdomen and lower left abdomen are part of whole left abdomen and two of the four quadrants of human abdomen. Pain on left side of abdomen in females can be the outcome of many causes which can also be severe and life threatening, if not treated on time. There can be various reasons in women which are as follows:

Development of womb tissue outside the womb:
This is a disorder medically known as ‘Endometriosis’. The womb tissue may develop out of the womb in the ovary or large bowel, right or left tube. If it grows in the left tube, then women may experience pain on the left-sided abdomen. The women suffering from this abnormality experience severe abdominal pain.

Embedding of embryo in tubes:
Ectopic pregnancy or embedding of embryo in the tube instead of womb can be cause of severe pain on the left side of the stomach, especially, when it gets embedded in the left tube. This abnormality can also lead to vaginal bleeding in extreme situations.

Pelvic inflammatory disorder:
This disease can also cause pain in abdomen. The pain that occurs due to pelvic inflammatory disease is dull and accompanies mild fever. This can further result into vaginal discharge and pain during intercourse.

Women who are sexually active with more than one partner may become victim of salpingitis. In this disease, the tube gets infected causing the evolution of pain from the infected area. In this, vaginal discharge, fever and pain during intercourse are some of the symptoms.

Kidney Stones:
If you experience abdominal pain on the left side, then it could be due to kidney stone that has already passed through your left kidney. In case of kidney stones, females may experience sharp back pain followed by pain in front of the abdomen that eventually grow. This disease could be life threatening and thus, the patient must consult the physician as early as possible.

Inflammatory bowel disease:
Medically known as ulcerative colitis, this disease is also one of the reasons of pain on the left part of the abdomen. The left sided lower quadrant of abdomen is the common area that experiences severe pain in such type of disease.

Thus, there are various causes in females. In addition to these basic causes, there can be some more causes of left sided abdominal pain and these can be really very severe. Thus, early detection and treatment of such diseases can help women complete her daily routine without much effort, enjoy life happily and boldly.

Some of the alarming situations that need to be noted are the accompanying of fever with pain, severe abdominal pain in sexually active women and appearing of slight swelling along with pain. These situations are more than enough for the females to consult their doctor or gynaecologist. So, carefully observe all sort of pain in abdomen and tell about it to the doctor for better and easy diagnosis of the disease causing that pain.

Acne Conglobata Causes and Treatments

You may not heard of the type of acne that called acne conglobata which is a severe and highly inflammatory skin condition. In general, most of people with the age from 18 to 30 years old will experience this acne normally. However, it will also be found in the people who are 40 years old as well.


Medicals cannot agree on one actual cause of acne conglobata. Many doctors agree that it is being associated with testosterone. This type of acne majorly appears in men. The use of anabolic steroids can be found as the actual cause, especially when the testosterone therapy is being stopped. Presence of tumor in the body can also cause this skin disease like leukemia for example. Some people may receive this skin reaction that has been triggered by aromatic hydrocarbons exposure or halogens’ ingestion.

Acne conglobata is a form of cystic acne. It is characterized by deep, deep within skin layers inflammatory nodules. These inflammatory nodules are unfortunately connected to other nodules that are highly hard to track.


Acne conglobata is too dangerous to have and not to treat. You have to deal with experts who are able to advise and prescript you good medical care and topical products that will cure it for good. First of all this skin disease requires thorough medical supervision. It is crucial to see the doctor who is going to do testing on the whole body in order to find and fight with the initial causes of this severe skin disorder.

It is easy to get des-encouraged and start thinking that this skin condition is not curable. This is total lie. All of the disease can and must be cured. One of the most important things is your own personal inner motivation to become healthy. Unless acne conglobata is treated and cured, it is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. It will affect your whole health condition provoking more diseases. It will affect your personal relationships or be the cause of actual absence of love life. All you can and must do to fight it, to work with it and to believe that you can overcome this problem.

Best Home Pregnancy Test

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It is a happy time for a mother to be. But how does one know that she is pregnant for sure? Best home pregnancy test means that you do not require a doctor to say that you are pregnant. Moreover people who want to hide pregnancy from others also avoid going to doctors for any kinds of confirmatory test.

Young generation has little regard for following age old society rules of becoming pregnant only after getting married. And people are also there who go for extra marital affairs. When things are to be hidden from public view, it calls for secrecy in knowing that you are pregnant.

Nature has its own way of confirming your pregnancy. Early morning problems of nausea and vomiting, feelings of depression, irritability, angry and happy state of mind without reason, headaches, disturbance in regular menstrual cycle, feeling of lethargy and tiredness accompany the conceiving confirmation. Spotting can also occur during these times. All these symptoms occur after one to two weeks of conceiving.

Ovulation Kit and kits of pregnancy test in early stages are available at the medical stores. They come with a promise of accuracy. These tests with hCG strips detect pregnancy on urine samples. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin also goes for blood and serum samples. Urine dipped strips show the positivity or negativity of pregnancy within few minutes. To be sure of pregnancy, best time to conduct these tests is after a week of conceiving. Time duration plays a great role regarding these tests. Sometimes this home pregnancy test might not give you any sure answer, in such cases it is best to wait for few days and then to repeat the test again.

Kits contain lot of valuable information on their outer covering, and these instructions should be read and adhered to for best result. First morning urine is best for results, but urine which has been in the bladder for few hours can also be used. Some people use drugs in regard to pregnancy, this is another reason as to why your test might fail at first.

There is lots of information related to early pregnancy tests, read on this article at Videos are there as your helpline.

False Claims

My response to billing errors is far less forgiving when I find items for imaginary services. Take the charge from my hospital for oxygen that I didn’t use—84 hours’ worth of oxygen, adding over $4,000 to my initial bill.

Now, I don’t know whether I was actually on oxygen during surgery (five hours, suspended face down) or during my continued unconscious time in the recovery room (two hours), but I do know I didn’t use any oxygen during the six days that followed. I certainly didn’t use 84 hours of oxygen. I was never hooked to a hose, mask, or tent. No oxygen was offered, my surgeon didn’t order it, and no one even told me, “Hey, if you have trouble breathing or feel weak, there’s a ready oxygen hook-up on the wall behind your bed.”

Can you imagine getting a bill from the airlines for an extra $240 for oxygen on your last flight? I mean, the oxygen was on the plane, you might have needed it, and the flight attendant even told you it was there and how to use it.

Sound reasonable to you? Me neither.

This $48-per-hour mistake was reported in chunks of 12 and 24 hours for a total of 84 hours. Once is a simple error. Twice is a wild coincidence. Three times starts to look like a conspiracy. Who the heck reported this uneven usage (12 hours one day, 24 hours the next) of oxygen that I never used, anyway? Did I look desperately in need (24 hours) of emergency O2 one day and only badly in need (12 hours) the next?

I think back over the people in the hospital, and I don’t remember anyone suspicious. In fact, considering everything that could have gone wrong, I got lucky. I don’t remember any surly, over-worked, or otherwise disgruntled employees at the hospital. I remember a bunch of friendly, supportive people who all seemed to want to see me get well. The nurses showed up every time I had a problem. The physical therapist urged me—with a smile in spite of my grumpiness—to get back on my feet and walking again. Even the folks from the kitchen seemed cheerful and accommodating. Why would any of these people want to get at me through my bank account?

But then I remember that my goal is to follow the money. This isn’t Law and Order. Fixing the blame won’t fix the problem, and pointing a finger won’t help me find the extra bucks to pay my medical bills. Ultimately, the who and how and even the why don’t matter—just the what. In this case, the what is the collection of glitches that turned an expensive but manageable cost into a debt of staggering proportions.

Eventually, if I’m going to fix this problem, I’m going to have to talk to people in the hospital billing department. If I go in angry, demanding action, they’re likely to become defensive. If I get too angry, they might even call security and have me thrown out.

Home Remedies Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy belongs to a group of plants which are famous for causing skin irritation and allergies. The sap of this plant is what causes the allergic reaction in people. When a person comes in contact with the sap some of the symptoms that can be seen or felt are severe itchiness, burning feeling, redness, blisters, and swelling of the skin. The condition of these symptoms can be mild, severe, or anywhere in between. Aside from direct contact with the Poison Ivy plant, other possible sources of allergic reactions include coming into contact with things that have the plant sap or inhaling smoke coming from a burning Poison Ivy plant. As a first aid measure, many people resort to the conditions.

There are various home remedies Poison Ivy medications that can be used mostly for mild cases. One such remedy is the use of aloe vera juice. Gently rub alcohol on the affected skin and rinse with tap water. After completely rinsing towel dry and then proceed to wash again the area this time using soap and water. Towel dry again and then apply the aloe vera juice all over the affected portion of the skin. This provides a cooling sensation for instant relief of the itchy or burning sensation caused by the allergic reaction.

Another entry into the home remedies medication category is the use of vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, zinc, and goldenseal root. It is better if you have foods that have a combination of these elements. The vitamin C will help to prevent the Poison Ivy allergy from becoming an infection. It will also heal the inflammation thereby eliminating the burning feeling. Beta carotene and calcium are known for their ability to strengthen the body’s immune system as well as facilitate the healing process. The zinc is for the repair of the tissues that might have been damaged by the allergy. The goldenseal root on the other hand has been an integral part of herbal medicine for centuries.

Oatmeal can also be used as part of the home remedies. Boil the oatmeal in water and allow to partially cool down for about a minute or two. Directly apply it to the affected skin area in thick layers. The oatmeal will begin to harden as it cools down and dries. This supposedly turns down the swelling and when used in combination with baking soda provides additional relief from oozing and itchiness. Another commonly shared home remedies Poison Ivy condition is the use of vinegar. Sprinkling the vinegar on the rashes or blisters is supposed to provide instant relief. The odor however may be undesirable for some people.

Touted as home remedies, the banana peel can provide instant relief from the allergic reactions experienced by the individual. Rub the inside portion of the banana peel over the rashes and you will feel a cooling effect. It must be remembered that home remedies which also include aloe vera gel and dishwashing liquid are meant only for mild cases or as a first aid measure. For extreme or severe allergic reactions from Poison Ivy always consult a certified medical practitioner.

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