Causes of pain on left side of abdomen in Women

The upper left abdomen and lower left abdomen are part of whole left abdomen and two of the four quadrants of human abdomen. Pain on left side of abdomen in females can be the outcome of many causes which can also be severe and life threatening, if not treated on time. There can be various reasons in women which are as follows:

Development of womb tissue outside the womb:
This is a disorder medically known as ‘Endometriosis’. The womb tissue may develop out of the womb in the ovary or large bowel, right or left tube. If it grows in the left tube, then women may experience pain on the left-sided abdomen. The women suffering from this abnormality experience severe abdominal pain.

Embedding of embryo in tubes:
Ectopic pregnancy or embedding of embryo in the tube instead of womb can be cause of severe pain on the left side of the stomach, especially, when it gets embedded in the left tube. This abnormality can also lead to vaginal bleeding in extreme situations.

Pelvic inflammatory disorder:
This disease can also cause pain in abdomen. The pain that occurs due to pelvic inflammatory disease is dull and accompanies mild fever. This can further result into vaginal discharge and pain during intercourse.

Women who are sexually active with more than one partner may become victim of salpingitis. In this disease, the tube gets infected causing the evolution of pain from the infected area. In this, vaginal discharge, fever and pain during intercourse are some of the symptoms.

Kidney Stones:
If you experience abdominal pain on the left side, then it could be due to kidney stone that has already passed through your left kidney. In case of kidney stones, females may experience sharp back pain followed by pain in front of the abdomen that eventually grow. This disease could be life threatening and thus, the patient must consult the physician as early as possible.

Inflammatory bowel disease:
Medically known as ulcerative colitis, this disease is also one of the reasons of pain on the left part of the abdomen. The left sided lower quadrant of abdomen is the common area that experiences severe pain in such type of disease.

Thus, there are various causes in females. In addition to these basic causes, there can be some more causes of left sided abdominal pain and these can be really very severe. Thus, early detection and treatment of such diseases can help women complete her daily routine without much effort, enjoy life happily and boldly.

Some of the alarming situations that need to be noted are the accompanying of fever with pain, severe abdominal pain in sexually active women and appearing of slight swelling along with pain. These situations are more than enough for the females to consult their doctor or gynaecologist. So, carefully observe all sort of pain in abdomen and tell about it to the doctor for better and easy diagnosis of the disease causing that pain.

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