Garmin nuvi 265W – GPS Portable Navigator

The Garmin Nuvi 265 W GPS portable navigator is an improvement on the 200 series. You will now get real time updates on traffic from navteq as long as you have this device, you also have bluetooth connectivity. Other enhancements to this product are faster satellite lock, the screen has been redisigned and contains more information, terrain maps and a brilliant photo navigation system.

The garmin 265W provides every user with maps of north america and a great feature called text-to-speech so you get directions that are spoken on each turn which also include street names. For example it usually will say “turn right in 50 feet” but with this feature it will say ” turn right in 50 feet at nebraska way”.

This model has a slim design which was originally introduced in the 200 series, so it is perfect to fit nicely in your purse or pocket, it also has a rechargable battery of lithium- ion which you can use in your car or by foot.This model also includes features such as currency converter, JPEG picture viewrer, measurement converter, world travel clock that include all time zones a calculator and many more. The screen has also been enhanced to show 70% more of the roads and is a wide 4.3 inch screen.

Garmin Nuvi 265W- GPS Portable Navigator

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This garmin model has a great device called the screen lock feature. By
sliding the power key to the right the screen will be locked so you
don’t lose your position on the navigator. Once this feature is
activated you will see that the screen will turn blak/gray after 15
seconds to save on power.Whenever you want to unlock this feature just
slide the power key to the center.

You also have access to a integrated traffic reciever. The GTM 20 FM traffic reciever gives out alerts about traffic problems so you don’t get caught up in traffic. All you need to do is open the box and turn it on to get the latest traffic information, these updates are free from the moment you buy this device.Once you get the information that you need you can make a detour to avoid any problems in traffic.

All traffic broadcast are heard continuously and you don’t have to wait for an update.The traffic alerts are broadcasts through a silent FM channel so you can still listen to the radio or listen to your favourite music while it is on.

It has been increasingly dangerous to use you cell phone while driving, this is why a hands free calling feature has been added. You can make hands free calling from your cellphone using the bluetooth capability, to answer a call all you need to do is give the screen a tap and talk directly into the microphone which is built in. Now making phone calls while driving is much more safer and a lot easier as well. With this garmin model you can even dial numbers and look up personal numbers in your phone book or view the call history log.If you are looking for the best GPS portable navigator the garmin nuvi 265W is great and one of the best sellers because of the amount of features that it has.

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