How big of a role do genes play in weight?

In combination with my blog “Discrimination” I have another question. So a lot of people commented on how they struggle with there weight and try to work out etc. but that it doesn’t work. So my question is how big of a role do genetics truly play in weight? Just because you are pre disposed to be overweight does that mean that you are going to be? I don’t think so but I also have “good genes” because I have a naturally in shape family. My mother weighs around 100 pounds (No she is not anorexic just petite)¬†and I’m at 120.

Yes, it does. I talked to my doctor and asked him. He says that genetics plays a very big role in whether or not you can easily lose weight. Some people can eat whatever and how much they want and not gain an ounce. Some just look at food and gain. I come from a family who has always had to struggle with weight, especially with AGE. The older the women in my family got, the harder it was to control the weight. I would have to eat like a bird for the rest of my life to keep the weight off. I do work out, but I won’t give up foods I like just to look good for people who wouldn’t appreciate it anyway. I feel people should try to lose if they can, and work out, but if they are unable to, then they shouldn’t beat themselves up about it. I sure don’t anymore.

I do think genetics have a role but that does not also mean that people cant fight it with exercise and eating right. You should watch these kinds of programs genes can play a role in EVERYTHING from weight to being a deranged serial killer. IT’S TRUE! People who have came from loving,caring families (not always ones that are train-wrecks)end up murderers and scientists can’t figure out why so they chalk it up to genes. so Yeah, it is possible.


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