How to Get Rid of Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths, as they are officially called, are these bizarre, gross, yellowish-white chunks that dislodge from the back of your throat. They make you feel as though you are constantly choking on something and they make your tonsils swell up and turn white. These stones come out of nowhere and they smell awful. It seems not everyone has these, or if they do, they never talk about it, but after some super sleuth researching, I have found some reasons and cures for this condition.

Those who suffer from the tonsil stone have not been able to deduce where such annoy stones come from. There is a general consensus, however, that sufferers simultaneously battle sinus issues. Taking sinus medicine, however, does not get rid of them- go figure. Also, most tonsil stone victims complain of extreme itching in the ears, bad breath and fatigue, but after going to the doctor, they learn they have no infection. The doctor usually tells people that tonsil stones are old food particles that get stuck in the tonsil crypts. The sufferers do not agree with this diagnosis.

A few people who used to suffer from tonsil stones swore that it was related to eating dairy products, so their advice was to quit eating dairy products and the stones will disappear. Other people have the theory that these stones are symptomatic of a sluggish lymphatic system, so in order to get the lymph fluid flowing, you should jump on a mini trampoline (also referred to as rebounding).

Since I was suffering from an extreme case of this condition, I followed both pieces of advice. I stopped eating dairy and jumped on a little trampoline for fifteen minutes everyday. To my surprise, the tonsil stones disappeared! However, I do not know for certain which of the methods removed tonsil stones. Since I continued to do both, they never came back, so I cannot conduct an experiment to ascertain which method worked. It is one of them, though, or the combination of both.

If you are frustrated with having such stones in your throat and have combed the internet in search of treatment for them, only to find endless websites offering a cure for the price of their book, look no further. Cut out dairy, jump on a little trampoline and say goodbye to those disgusting little chunks.

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