Hurricane Katrina Relief

Today, and over this past week, our bloggers have been writing about the effects of Hurricane Katrina here in the US. We also have a few bloggers who have been driven from their homes, their jobs, and their schools by the flooding created by Katrina. Jason talks on his blog about what we are doing here at WIN. A growing number of businesses and organizations are contributing money, supplies, and person-power to this relief effort. cautions us to give wisely, and to make sure that we investigate the agency to whom we are making our contributions. Which organization is your most trusted for donations like this?

UPDATE: Brian Alvey passes on this Katrina phishing scam warning from the Washington Post, and a FEMA information site for Hurricane Katrina.

1. I’d say the Red Cross [] but even they take their little cut [why? i’d love to know]

apparently according to their website, $11,165,000 donated by 77,000 donors

2. hi lee… yes, i also noticed on the site that for the fiscal year ending june 2004 the red cross claims that 91.1% of all contributions went to actual programs.

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