Central Election Commission

The Central Election Commission (CEC), established by UNMIK Regulation 2004/9, is responsible for the conduct of elections in Kosovo. The role of the CEC is to regulate the electoral process through the adoption of Electoral Rules and supervise all aspects of the process to ensure that the election meets international standards.

The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) for Institution Building, OSCE Head of Mission Ambassador Tim GULDIMANN, is the Chairperson of the CEC. Overall, the Commission consists of three international and nine local Commissioners. While the international members are appointed by the SRSG, the local ones are nominated by the major political parties and by the smaller communities, including Kosovo Serbs, Roma, Ashkali, Turks, Bosniac and Gorani.

Finally, two of the local Commissioners are not politically affiliated but represent non-governmental organizations, related to the field of human rights and to people with physical and mental disabilities. The Commissioners are generally appointed on the basis of their professional qualifications as the work of the CEC is technical and characterized by independence and impartiality. The CEC makes decisions by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the Chairperson can take final and binding decisions.

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