Mrsa Staph Infection in Dogs

MRSA is an infection that can be fatal for animals and humans alike. There is a great deal of MRSA staph infections in nose and other skin in people. This infection is more deadly because it is resistant to various treatments.


MRSA is a deadly staph infection that can pose to be dangerous. It does become more resistant to the antibiotics that are used to kill. Few drugs may be useful and the sheer amount of drugs may be more harmful. Staph bacteria grow very rapidly by taking advantage of the wounds. It grows rapidly and even causes illness as well as eventually death.


MRSA in dogs is similar to the infection in humans. If the animal gets wounded, it will get debilitating illness that weakens whole system and the staph gains entry to the bloodstream.

Once it enters the body, two things can happen- firstly, the body will react to the staph entry and seal off at the point of entry, or staph can enter bloodstream. The latter one is more dangerous. Once it enters the body, it can settle anywhere within and move from one location to other.


Preventing MRSA infection and treating it may be easy or difficult, depending on the conditions. Appropriate hygiene is the major precautionary measure. Keeping any skin irritations or wounds clean with an antibiotic medicine is the first and foremost step. Examine your dog and make sure its skin is healthy and unbroken. Do not allow your dog become matted or filthy. You have to take additional care to keep your surgical site clean.


If your dog has been tested positive for MRSA infection, it is important to practice rigorous hygiene control and to quarantine, since MRSA can be easily transmitted from animal to human and vice versa.


MRSA for your dog is not an instantaneous death sentence. There are few drugs that can wipe out infection; drugs are usually quite expensive. It is necessary to monitor the animal closely during the treatment.

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