Need Fast Impetigo Treatments?

Looking for infantigo treatment for your suffering child or loved one? Impetigo is a skin condition that often occurs in infants and children. Adults can however develop the rash as well. The infection is highly contagious and is characterized by scaly red sores around the mouth and nose. Usually impetigo clears up on its own in about three weeks. Although antibiotics can speed up impetigo treatment, there are a number of other common remedies that can help you get rid of impetigo much quicker. Many of the remedies in the Fast Impetigo Cure eBook will relieve the symptoms of the condition within three days!

Is It Contagious?

Yes, impetigo is contagious and there are treatments for it. Impetigo is spread when a person comes in contact with someone who has the virus. It is also spread when a person touches the clothing, bedding or eating utensils of someone with impetigo. Try keeping a child free of germs and bacteria by carrying hand sanitizer around and cleaning your child’s hands with it. This can often reduce the chances that your little one will contract impetigo. Impetigo treatment is necessary when the infection spreads to a baby’s buttocks. It is discomforting in the way a diaper rash would be. When the impetigo sores become filled with puss, this is called ecthyma. The sores can turn into deep ulcers that need to be treated right away.

Over the Counter Treatment

Antibiotic creams and ointments that contain bacitracin is an effective impetigo treatment. They are specially effective in the early stages of the infection. Placing a bandage on the child’s nose or on the side of his lip can keep the infection from spreading to other parts of the body.

Some Natural Treatments

Strong antifungal oils like lavender and tea tree oil can sometimes clear up impetigo quickly. The oils should be combined with witch hazel. This can reduce skin irritation. You can apply it to the skin a few times a day until the impetigo is gone. Tea tree oil kills the staphylococcus virus that causes impetigo, and begins working on the skin right away. Taking a garlic supplement and eating steamed garlic cloves kills the infection in the body. This can sometimes keep it from worsening. Boiling fresh garlic cloves in water and adding honey and cayenne pepper add more infection-fighting power to this natural remedy. Taking herbal supplements like echinacea and goldenseal is another impetigo treatment that works wonders. Children should take one of these supplements at least four times a day for a little over a week, even after the sores have cleared up. This ensures that the infection has completely left the body.

Treatment in Foods

There are diets for people suffering from impetigo. Fruits and vegetables are particularly high in antioxidants. These are beneficial for people who suffer from impetigo. Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C and E can reduce skin redness and strengthen the immune system. It is also wise to eat plenty of whole grains when suffering from impetigo. The fiber moves impurities from the intestines faster. This can quicken the relief from impetigo. Foods that make it easy for infection to grow in the body, like peanut butter, diary products and red meat should be avoided. Children who are prone to impetigo should eat a minimum of these foods or avoid them altogether, depending on the severity of the infection.

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