Off to Corpus

We are getting ready to drive down to Corpus Christi for the weekend. My father, Gene Van Cleave, is being inducted into the CC Ray High School Hall of Fame. He coached there from 1956 to 1968 as an assistant. It is a very nice honor for him and our family. Tait’s middle name is “Van” which is what everyone called my Dad. It should be a great weekend, hopefully we get to the beach at some point. We are praying for a UT victory as well, my Dad and my husband both went to school there (and we all know how guppy JE can get if they lose!). So in closing I have to say…”Beat OU!!” Love you Dad/Grandpa Van! Congrats!

It is a beautiful Friday in San Antonio. I took a friends advice and took a day off from school. It is getting more and more difficult to get there and make it through the day. i really feel like my students are beginning to suffer as a result. So i am taking the weekend to think about what i may do here in the near future. I did do the ultimate “Mom thing” this morning. I took Tait to school complete in robe and “bed head.” (please keep in mind that i have been up since about 3:30 am! we are talking major Halloween scare!) i enjoyed a supreme sunrise on the ride home. I am heading into the doctors office for some iv antibiotics then home to pack for the trip this weekend. My Dad, a long time High School football coach, is being added to a local hall of fame. I am very proud. Though he has been gone quite a long time, i know that he had a profound influence on who i am and the fact that i became a coach and educator. This celebration will hopefully keep my mind off the thoughts of my gamma knife procedure that will occur on Monday. We will give it a try anyway.

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