Reality Check: Women Want Sex As Much As Love!

What do you really want, love or sex? This has been a frequent question for anyone in a relationship. More often than not, men would admit that sex is what they want. Similarly, women believe that this is true. However, women always prefer love rather than sex. Women and men are naturally designed for a certain single purpose, which is to procreate. Thus, procreation has become an oversimplification of an extremely complex personal interest which is sex.

Without a doubt, most men enter into a relationship for the sake of having an active sexual life. And it would not be surprising that men admit this fact. Women, on the other hand, often say that they want partners who would simply love them back. But in any relationships, sex is a big factor in order to keep each other. Only conformists and conventional beliefs disagree with such reality.

Nowadays, women are much interested in sex as men do. Behaviorally speaking, women wanting for love are natural. The same is true with sex. Equally, men and women species are designed by nature, thus sex is considered as a primary need for each one; although many conservative individuals or groups may oppose this factual point. But the reality is that women these days are sexually active, be they married or not.

Though some women wanting for love rarely admit that they also want sex, with sufficient love from their partners, it always boils down to getting satisfactory sex. It is very obvious in today’s lifestyles that men and women keep each other because they’re individually good in bed. Nevertheless, they stay in a certain relationship with partners who are adventurous and sexually active as well.

At the moment, a lot of women frequently look for partners with the purpose of having regular and satisfactory sexual partners. Of course, men could hardly resist such temptation from women wanting for earthly desires. However, most of these cases fail; instead they decide to start a commitment, and eventually fall in love with each other. In fact, a lot of women are concrete examples of this very usual scenario.

For pregnant women, it has been a common fear that their partners might resort to other women for sex because they are incapable of mating during their pregnancy. In most cases, men with pregnant partners really look for temporary sex buddies in order to satisfy their manly desires. While for women, pregnancy is such a difficult time for them along with physical and sexual sacrifices. With this fact, women must admit that nine months of not having sex is a great distress. Moreover, women encounter post natal stage which further prolongs the agony of not having sex even though they’ve given birth by now.

So, what do women actually want in their relationships? Essentially, women wanting for love simply mean women wanting for sex. Love and sex are inseparable factors that significantly contribute to fruitful, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships. Hence, any relationship with adequate love between spouses signifies adequate sexual correlation.

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