What is a sore throat?

It is a discomfort, pain or stretchiness in the throat and often makes swallowing a very difficult process. These days sore or dry itchy throats are common. Mostly soreness tends to be worst during the morning but gradually improves as the day passes. Large numbers are caused due to the viral infections like cold or flu resulting in no response to the antibiotics. Some of home remedies can be effective in such a case. Specific types can be caused by some viruses e.g. blisters are caused by Coxsackievirus during late summers or early fall. It can also be caused by Mononucleosis virus. A common type of sore throat is ‘strep throat’ that leads to rheumatic fever, for which antibiotics are recommended. It also often includes fever. Children may suffer from headache and stomach pain.

This type of sore throat cannot be accurately diagnosed by looking inside the throat but instead proper laboratory tests are required. Breathing through mouth can cause sore throat if there is no infection and disappears after having some liquids.

It may also be caused by something stuck in the throat or due to the allergies. Sometimes tonsils or the surrounding parts of the throat are affected due to a sore throat. Even then the removal of tonsils from the throat is never recommended especially for the children. Mostly the sore throats get recovered quickly. Still the following list of home remedies may help:

o Drink warm drinks esp. honey and lemon tea which is an applied formula for the cure.

o Gargling with warm water and salt is helpful.

o Some sore throats can be treated by cold liquids or popsicles at times.

o Increasing of saliva production through sucking on hard candies is one of the remedies but is not recommended for young children because they might choke on it.

o To soothe a dry and parching throat use a cool-mist vaporizer to moisten.

Use of aspirin is not recommended for children. Instead over-the counter pain medications are more suitable.

All of the above mentioned remedies have proved to be very effective most of the times but if the problem still persists and following list of issues are being faced than consult the health care provider:

o Excessive drooling in a young child.

o Pus in the back of the throat.

o Red rashes.

o Severe difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

The health care provider is going to ask various questions in order to have a complete know how of the disease and it is compulsory for the patient to provide him with the accurate details to get a proper cure. Once when the process of medication is started it is important to complete the entire process even after the symptoms have disappeared. Antibiotics are usually not a wise recommendation for sore throats esp. for children. Children can go to the school after 24 hours of the process of medication has started. It is strictly advised by the doctors to keep your hands clean before eating something because it is a contagious disease. A cool mist vaporizer can prevent some sore throats caused by breathing dry air with an open mouth.

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