why is my poop BLACK

A black, tar like stool could be caused by something as harmless as the bismuth in pepto bismal. That’s the good news, but if you haven’t had anything similar to that product and your are experiencing green poop or black poop, you should see a doctor .

Why is my poop black? (And other important questions regarding my stool)

I consider myself a very healthy person. I’m not a fad dieter or anything. I exercise regularly and I like to enjoy an occasional dessert as much as anyone. Fortunately for me, I’ve never had to ask “Why is my poop black ” outside of it being caused from the occasional use of Pepto Bismal now and then, but when I recently noticed a few extra pounds collecting around my mid section with no real explanation, what was missing in my stool was the last thing I would have considered.

Why am I not pooping period but black poop!

Did you know a healthy person should be going about three times a day?

If you are not having at least three bowel movements a day, you may have built-up plague in your intestinal walls. What’s even worse is that parasites could be in your intestines feeding on that plaque!

I know! I can’t believe in a first world country that something like this not only takes place, but ISN’T EVEN TALKED ABOUT!

I can tell you from FIRST HAND experience that this was happening to me. I had undigested food lining the walls of my colon. Preventing the nutrients and vitamins in food from passing through properly, which was starving my body and slowing me down . It was also causing me to look like I had a beer gut.

There IS a solution to this that I found on line

If you are reading this, you a smart person.

Seriously, how many people do you know that take the time to read up on something so personal that could actually have an impact on your long term health? The truth is that just living in a country where so much processed “Fast” food is so readily available, the odds of being fat due to an unhealthy colon are crazy!

Anyway, you were smart to find this lens and if you even THINK you may way buildup in your colon, I urge you to do something about it right away.

There are many possible solutions you can turn to. Below is the one that cured my parasites and plaque build up in my intestinal walls. Choose what you believe is best for you. All I know it that I don’t look fat anymore. I lost about 7 pounds and I won’t worry myself over wondering what parasites, worms and critters might be crawling around in my intestines, latching onto my intestinal wall for a meal.

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